AT PRESENT, THESE VIDEO CLASSES TAUGHT BY LYDIA ARE BEING GIVING AWAY FOR FREE, AND IT IS EXPECTED THAT THEY WILL BE CHANGE TO CHARGED IN THE NEAR FUTURE. WELCOME CHURCH LEADERS AND CHRISTIAN FAMILIES INFORM EACH OTHER,TO LEAD THE CHILDREN OF JEHOVAH’S DESCENDANTS COME HERE TO LEARN.                                                                                                                                                                                 目前一下这些LYDIA主讲的视频课堂是正在免费赠送中,预计不久将来会转为收费的。欢迎相互告知需要的教会领袖和基督化家庭带领耶和华的产业孩子们来学习。

周慧贤传道编写&主讲 《人的一生都在主里》课程

Preacher Lydia Huixian Chow writer and teaching

《The Whole life All In The Lord 》Course

For 0-1 Years Old  Children Partens -  Lesson 1 to 12

0-1岁孩子的父母的课程  -  第 一  到 第 十二 堂

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