Fuller Homeschool Union Student


Ann Qiu 仇颖譞

                                                                 Date of Birth: February 14, 2007


About Ann Qiu  关于仇颖譞



One day in June 2010, God led me and Enoch and asked us to go to a Christian bookstore in Guangzhou. When we arrived, we met three years old Ann and her mother Wang Ping, and we knew that God wanted us to knew this family. So later, we  helped and lead Wang sister and Ann to start AOP's studies.


2010年6月的一天,神带领我和以诺,要我们去广州的一家基督徒书店。当我们到达,我们见到了当时三岁多的颖譞和她的妈妈王萍姊妹。我们就知道,神是要我们认识这家人。之后,我们帮助带领Ann开始了AOP 的学业。 


Ann's personality and favorite: caring for others and giving people sense of competence.




The goal of learning:


Serving the position of the Sunday School teacher Wang sister explained to me several times that she received clear message from God that wanted her lead the children to learn Alpha Omega's course with us. 






指导导师 Tutor:Lydia Chow Huixian  周慧贤     

Preacher, May 2004,Called by God.  2004年5月,神所呼召的传道人。

Fuller Church Founder, Aug. 2010,God established and led the Fuller Church. 


Vision Recipient,Aug. 2010, Received the vision from God: only use the Bible resources to teach children


Fuller Homeschool  Union Founder,Aug. 2010,used by God to established Fuller Homeschool Union


2005 - 2014 HongKong LiangYou Bible College,obtain theology undergraduate diploma.

2005 - 2014年  香港良友圣经学院 神学本科毕业


Tutor 指导导师  : Co-worker Enoch  同工 以诺


Tutor 指导导师 :Wang Ping sister 王萍姊妹 

Sunday School Teacher 主日学教师


Fuller Church 福乐教会

Fuller Homeschool Union 福乐家庭学校联盟  https://www.fullerhomeschool.com    

Fuller Homeschool Union Online School 福乐家庭学校联盟在线网校  https://lydiahuixianchow.wordpress.com

Fuller Lydia Chow Bookstore 福乐妮蒂雅书局  https://www.lydiachowbookstore.com

Sister Wang Ping's Witness:



Thank God! Six years ago, we met Fuller Homeschool Union founder Lydia Chow Huixian . She had always insisted on using the AOP system in our family, blessing my children and blessing my family. Our relationship is intimate, and often she will share with her AOP Learning experience and she geve our family a lot of help and encourageWe are very grateful. May the Lord use her more and use the Fuller Homeschool Union to blessing more families to develop God's godly descendants and blessing others.




From God‘st the touch and guidance, we like to join in Fuller.  We like Fuller because Fuller led the  Christian family parents and Christian family use the American Alpha Omega curriculum system to train God's godly descendants and conduct God-centered home study and life. Fuller Homeschool Union alliance and our home education's vision are same vision in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we are very grateful for joining the Fuller, equipping the children and blessing others.



从神而来的感动和带领,我们喜欢加入福乐: 喜欢福乐是因为他引导基督徒家庭的父母用美国阿尔法欧米茄课程体系培养装备 敬虔的后代,开展以神为中心的家庭学习和生活,福乐家庭学校联盟和我们的在家教育,在神国里异象一致,所以很感恩能加入福乐,装备孩童,祝福他人。


May all wonderful blessings from God be poured upon those who follow God, and receive His ultimate reward.



November 1, 2016 


August 2010, in Fuller Church



February 2011, in Fuller Church


Study 学习

Ann Qiu  Learning Courses 仇颖譞的学习课程



Preschool Completed AOP Courses


Product ID: PRC200   Horizons Preschool Complete Curriculum & Multimedi


Product ID: JEP002   Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education




Kindergarten Completed AOP Courses


 Product Id - LCSK  LIFEPAC Kindergarten 2-Subject Set

                                生命课程 幼儿园两科目套装课程

Product Id - HCSK     Horizons Kindergarten Complete Set

                                   地平线 幼儿园完整套装课程

Product Id - MM0020     Exploring Time


Product Id - EB1997     I Can Draw People


Product Id - EB1998     I Can Draw Animals



Product Id - MM0129     Market Math


Product Id - AB8066      The Science Chef   


Product Id -  MM0115      The Math Chef



G1 Completed AOP Courses


Product Id - LCS0100    AOP LIFEPAC® 1st Grade 5-Subject Set


Product Id - HCS100     Horizons 1st Grade Complete Set




G2  Completed AOP Courses


Product Id - LCS0200    LIFEPAC® 2nd Grade 5-Subject Set


Product Id - HCS200    Horizons 2nd Grade Complete Set   


Study Time: April 30, 2017 - November 30, 2017

学习时间: 2017年4月30日 - 2017年11月30日


G3   AOP Courses  Learning 学习中

Product Id - MON300B     Monarch 3rd Grade Bible


 Product Id - MON300L     Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts    


Product Id - MON300M       Monarch 3rd Grade Math    


Product Id - MON300H    Monarch 3rd Grade History & Geography


Product Id -  MON300S       Monarch 3rd Grade Science




Product Id - LCS0300      LIFEPAC® 3rd Grade 5-Subject Set 


Product Id - HCS300      Horizons 3rd Grade Complete Set   




G4   AOP Courses.  Ready to learn  准备学习


Product Id - MON400B     Monarch 4th Grade Bible


 Product Id - MON400L      Monarch 4th Grade Language Arts    


Product Id - MON400M       Monarch 4th Grade Math 


Product Id - MON400H    Monarch 4th Grade History & Geography  


Product Id -  MON400S       Monarch 4th Grade Science


Product Id - SD0401     LIFEPAC® 4th Grade Science Experiments


Product Id - LCS0400    LIFEPAC® 4th Grade 5-Subject Set


Product Id -  JSP415     Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Set  


Product Id - JMC400     Horizons 4th Grade Math Set   


Product Id -  JHC400        Horizons 4th Grade Health Set   





G5   AOP Courses. Ready to learn  准备学习


Product Id - MON500B     Monarch 5th Grade Bible


 Product Id - MON500L      Monarch 5th Grade Language Arts    


Product Id - MON500M       Monarch 5th Grade Math 


Product Id - MON500H    Monarch 5th Grade History & Geography  


Product Id -  MON500S       Monarch 5th Grade Science


Product Id - SD0501     LIFEPAC® 5th Grade Science Experiments


Product Id - LCS0500    LIFEPAC® 5th Grade 5-Subject Set


Product Id -  JSP515     Horizons 5th Grade Penmanship Set 


Product Id - JMC500      Horizons 5th Grade Math Set  


Product Id -  JHC500       Horizons 5th Grade Health Set 




G6  AOP Courses  Ready to learn  准备学习


Product Id - MON600B     Monarch 6th Grade Bible 


Product Id - MON600L Monarch 6th Grade Language Arts  


Product Id - MON600M   Monarch 6th Grade Math     


Product Id - MON600H    Monarch 6th Grade History & Geography


Product Id -  MON600S     Monarch 6th Grade Science 


Product Id - SD0601     LIFEPAC® 6th Grade Science Experiments


Product Id - LCS0600    LIFEPAC® 6th Grade 5-Subject Set


Product Id -  JSP615     Horizons 6th Grade Penmanship Set


Product Id - JMC600     Horizons 6th Grade Math Set 


Product Id -  JHC600     6th Grade Horizons Health Set    



Thank God for leading, on August 24, 2018, Ann passed the entrance exam and entered AOA. Thanks to Alpha Omega College for continuing to help Ann's academic growth.



In Fuller Church 在福乐教会



2017, in Fuller  Church


At Home 在家里



Good helpers



Sports 运动

Thanks Ou brother,Ou sister Lin coach and Learning Mutual Aid Groups at home, to help  children's sports courses.




Interactive Social  社交活动


In the LEGO activity area of Fuller Homeschool Union