Lydia Sweet Family House Rules - Lydia的甜蜜家庭房屋规则

Our House Rules   
To ensure the safety and mutual respect of each guest, we have established the following house rules: 
 1. Because part of our this townhouse is designed for our Fuller Home School for Christian Education, and we have a dog, he is only within his own activities. We installed an ultrasound system to help the puppy quiet.We are especially suitable for Christian students and Christian teachers to live here.We are here also very suitable for  Christians and seekers who sincerely purity trust in God.So our current layout equipment is only suitable for young people, or like sports, like dogs. Therefore, we set the age of the residents below 35, and the body was very healthy. 
2.The guest needs to have a Fuller ID. When you still do not have LydiaSweetFamily Rental ID, please apply here.LydiaSweetFamily Rental ID Lydia的甜蜜家庭租房编码
3. Social accounts are a reference for understanding the basic information of a person's life. In order to protect the safety of each guest, respect each other. Please let us know before you book, your Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, or WeChat, so that we can fully understand you. You need to have a friend or relative as a guarantor and leave their contact information. And, you need to tell us the reason for your rental and the entire rental plan. 
4. The guests need to be doing  work or study need obey the principles of the Bible; physical, mental and lifestyle habits are healthy. Upon check-in, guests are required to present an ID card, or student ID or proof of employment.
5. Booking for other people is not allowed. Your reservation has to have your name on it.  Can not be sublet. Non-refundable.
6. When a person is acting right, he must be well respected. In order to respect each other, we use security checks to check in and each carry case will be checked. We don't look at personal belongings. To ensure the safety and health of all residents, it is strictly forbidden to be drunk, smoke, gamble, pry into other people's privacy, or take drugs etc. If finds bad behavior, we will let this guest leave and report immediately.  
7. In order to keep the room clean, please take off your outdoor shoes. You can choose to use our indoor shoes during your stay. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  
8. For ensure that everyone can use the working normally bathroom, please when using the bathroom, bath tub etc., keep the pipeline smooth.Please put paper towels, hair and other debris into the trash can; please do not put them into the toilet, bathtub and so on. It is strictly forbidden to use hair dyes and other products that are prone to cleaning problems in this bathroom.Violation  this rule requires the consequences of being responsible is clean up.When using the bathroom, please only use the bath tub and toilet function range. The bath time is within 15 minutes. After used, you need to clean the bathroom to facilitate other people who need to use.At the edge of each bed, we have a boutique bedside table for everyone's makeup, work and study. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.  
9. In order to take care of each other and keep quiet learning and rest, please use the headphones when needed. To protect your ears, it is recommended that you adjust the volume of the headphones to fit the ear for a comfortable volume. Call outside the outdoor garden and control the volume, or use text message to communicate.  
10.Check in is between 10:00 am - 10:30 am;16:00pm - 22:00pm . Check out is before 10:00 am.   
11. The door of the house is guarded by a person. Every night from 10 pm to 6 am, this is a curfew time, the gate is locked. Check in after 10:00 pm is not allowed.  When using each door to enter and exit, please be careful to make sure that the door is quiet when closing the door, and will not make a strong closing sound to help love each other.
12. After 10 pm and before 6 am the next day, it's quiet time. No music, talking, cooking or showers are allowed to respect the other guests sleep.  
13. During your stay, you need to take care of your belongings and take care of your safety. We are not responsible for the guests' any loss of property, health, spirit and so on.   
14. Early check in and late check out are not allowed.Guests are required to bring their own items when leaving the venue. We are not responsible for keeping your belongings. Guests not take away their those items, we will clean up when the guests leave the venue for 10 minutes.  
15.When your reservation ends on a certain day, even if you booked the same room again or a different room in the same house, you need to take your luggage to check out  before 10:00 am , and allow us to clean the room. Then,check in between 16:00 pm and 22:00 pm.  
16.Please inspect the property when you first check in to make sure there are no damages from previous guests that we missed when cleaning. Report them to us within the first couple of hours from when you check in. This way you don't get charged for things you didn't do.  
17. No packages may be sent to the townhouse. We can't be responsible for items left outside.   
18. Leave the space in the same condition you found it. Take off your trash when you check out.We charge an extra $20 cleaning fee if you leave the room a mess, move furniture and leave excessive trash.   
19.Visitors and extra guests beyond the number on the reservation are not allowed for the security of everybody in the house. When we find out you have brought an extra guest to the house you will be charged the extra guest fee per night plus a penalty of $50.   
20.The beds are all marked with a label. If you sleep in the wrong bed, you will be charged a $50 fee. Sleeping in another bed will impact other guests who may check in late and find their bed occupied.  
21. When a guest sleeps in the townhouse without a current reservation and we have a witness or two who can testify, they will incur into a $100 penalty for each night they were there.   
22.Guests only can carry your own suitcase, backpack, laptop, cell phone and other simple items. It is not allowed to carry large items, pets, noise-generating appliances, electric fans, electric heaters,etc. Guests who violate this rule are required to bring their luggage immediately and are fined $50. 
23. Deposit $300- When the property is damaged, you may be charged a fine of up to $300  
24. When the landlord is not  in this townhouse, will have the person entrusted by the landlord are waiting for you, help you to check in and check out.  
Lydia Sweet Family   
2.入住者需要有Lydia的甜蜜家庭租房编码。未有Lydia的甜蜜家庭租房编码,请在这里申请 LydiaSweetFamily Rental ID Lydia的甜蜜家庭租房编码。 
4.入住者需要正在做符合圣经原则的工作或学习; 身体,心理和生活习惯都很健康。办理入住手续时,客人需出示身份证,学生证或工作证明。  
5.不允许为其他人预订。您的预订必须有您的名字。 不得转租。不可退款。
6. 当一个人行事正确时,必然得到很好的尊重。为了相互尊重,我们使用安全检查措施办理入住手续,每个携带行李箱也将被检查。我们不看属于个人隐私物品。为了确保所有居民的安全和健康,严禁醉酒,吸烟,赌博,窥探别人私隐,或吸毒等。发现有不良行为的人,我们会让该名客人立即离开并举报。  
10.入住时间是午16:00 -下午22:00点前。退房时间是上午10:00点前。  
11.房子的大门由一个人专门守卫着。每天晚上10点到早上6点,这是一个宵禁时间,大门是关锁的。 使用每道门进出时,请留意确定关门时保持门安静,不会发出大力关门的声音,以帮助彼此爱护。
15.当你的预订在某一天结束时,即使你再次预订同一房间或同一房屋内的其他房间,你也需要在早上10点之前带好行李退房,并允许我们打扫房间。 然后,在下午16点到下午22点之间再次办理入住手续。  
20.床上都标有标签。 如果你睡在错误的床上,你将需要支付50美元的费用。 在另一张床上睡觉会影响其他客人,他们可能会迟到,并发现他们的床被占用。  
23.押金$300 -当你损坏房源,你可能会被收取高达$300的罚金  
Lydia 的甜蜜家庭