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Fuller Church 福乐教会


In October 2003, God used the sister Lydia HuiXian Chow to founded lead the Bible study class and gave the moved to the sister Lydia HuiXian Chow, named the Fuller Worship Fellowship.

In May 2004, God called the sister Lydia HuiXian Chow to became a preacher.

In March 2008, God used preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow set up the Fuller Parent-child Station, and seted the 0-2 year old baby-level Sunday school.The sister Lydia HuiXian Chow organized 23 families to became members of this Parent-child Station.And set the open hours are set from Monday to Sunday to help parents and babies to freely combine, make them easy to use the venue, and can help and care for each other when needed.

In August 2010, God used  preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow set up Fuller Church 福乐教会. God gave preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow received a vision: "Only use the Bible resources to teach children." Therefore, it is also called The Fuller Vision.

In September 2008, God used preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow set up the Fuller Children Family.And set up the Fuller website.

In October 2008, God led  preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow set up the USA Alpha Omega class, and some families took the children to participated.

In October 2010, God used  preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow set up the Fuller Home School 福乐家庭学校 and Fuller Union 福乐联盟 .

In March 2011, God called Enoch Chow to became Fuller Co-worker, starting from the age of five.

In September 2018, God used  preacher Lydia HuiXian Chow set up The Fuller Online School.


        God continues to lead the brothers and sisters who love God and love the Lord Jesus Christ to join Fuller., including Pastor Lin and Liu sister couple, PhD Zhou  and Jiang brother couple , Christian Kindergarten Headmaster Pastor wife Cai sister, English teacher Phoebe sister, corporate executive Wang sister, professor of automotive engineering Liu Brother, foreign trade business owner Chen brother, foreign trade manager Liu sister and so on. Every family in the Fuller Homeschool Union all follows our vision. Or God has given each family vision compatible with our vision. For example, among the member of our coalition home school, there is a vision of  family: Luke 6:14-15, who entered the world but was not belong world, and lived out of faith. Another family is Christian education. In addition, from 2008 to the present, in the past nine years, Fuller helped and taught the church leaders ' families of about 1300.And continue to grow. 







2010年8月,上帝使用周慧贤传道设立了Fuller Church 福乐教会。上帝赐给周慧贤传道领受了异象:“只使用圣经资源来教导孩子”。所以,也称之为福乐异象。并设立了福乐网站。

2010年10月,上帝使用周慧贤传道设立了Fuller Home School 福乐家庭学校Fuller Union 福乐联盟





The Fuller Chruch,the Fuller Homeschool, the Fuller Union, and the Fuller Online School etc., these ministry all are to help Christian families, serve God families,missionary families, preacher families, pastor families and Church leaders families and kids, growth up in the Lord , enhance the quality of life and to create and run Christian education the United States Alpha Omega course English Chinese bilingual learning system, Hong Kong broadcast Chinese course. Then, for the kingdom of God, use the wonderful witnesses of each family to bless more people in need and bless the whole world together.








Lydia HuiXian Chow founded Fuller and related organizations of the same name, Lydia HuiXian Chow brand, LydiaChow Bookstore, Lydia Sweet Family and all businesses, since its inception, it has always adopted a member coding system. Every member of Fuller, Fuller partners, Fuller students, customers and volunteers, all business related people, Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch reviewed every oneand set up a unique code. Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch have always prohibited anyone from carrying out any related business activities or actions without authorization. Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch own all the businesses, websites, accounts, and so on, both Lydia Huixian Chow and son Enoch deal with related matters in person. No one is currently authorized to handle any matters on behalf of Lydia and Enoch. Please related person Know. Please be aware of each Fuller member, Fuller partner, Fuller student, customers and volunteers make sure be clear know about this. Prior to this, anyone's comments, comments and actions on Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch not equal to the wishes and meaning of Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch. Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch do not assume any responsibility for any activities performed by anyone who does not authorize and no hold the relevant coders sent by us, in any fraudulent name, and reserves the right to pursue related responsibilities.


Please anyone with any questions directly inquire Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch.

Thank you for your care and support. May God blessings!


Notifier: Lydia HuiXian Chow & Enoch

February 19, 2020





周慧贤创办福乐及同名相关架构组织,Lydia HuiXian Chow 品牌,妮蒂雅书局,Lydia的甜蜜家庭等一切业务,自创办开始,一直均采用成员编码制度。每一位福乐成员,福乐合作伙伴,福乐学生和,顾客和义工等一切业务相关的人士,都有周慧贤审阅并设置发出了专属编码。周慧贤和以诺一直禁止任何人士在未获得授权下进行任何相关的业务的活动或行动。周慧贤和以诺拥有之一切产业,网站,账户等等,均由周慧贤和儿子以诺亲自处理相关事务,目前没有授权任何人代表Lydia和以诺处理任何事务,请相关人士知晓。请每一位和周慧贤业务相关的福乐成员,福乐合作伙伴,福乐学生,顾客和义工相互知晓。在此之前,有任何人对周慧贤和以诺所作任何言论,评议和行动,并不等于是周慧贤和以诺本人意愿。周慧贤和以诺对于任何人,在未经授权,不持有我们发送的相关编码人士,所作的任何冒用名义进行的任何活动,不承担任何责任,并保留追究相关责任的权利。





公告人:周慧贤 & 以诺