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Lydia HuiXian Chow founded Fuller and related organizations of the same name, Lydia HuiXian Chow brand, LydiaChow Bookstore, Lydia & Enoch Sweet Family and all businesses, since its inception, it has always adopted a member coding system. Every member of Fuller, Fuller partners, Fuller students, customers and volunteers, all business related people, Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch reviewed every oneand set up a unique code. Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch have always prohibited anyone from carrying out any related business activities or actions without authorization. Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch own all the businesses, websites, accounts, and so on, Both Lydia Huixian Chow and her son Enoch personally handled financial, personnel management, and decision-making related matters. Please related person Know. Please be aware of each Fuller member, Fuller partner, Fuller student, customers and volunteers make sure be clear know about this. Prior to this, anyone's comments, comments and actions on Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch not equal to the wishes and meaning of Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch. Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch do not assume any responsibility for any activities performed by anyone who does not authorize and no hold the relevant coders sent by us, in any fraudulent name, and reserves the right to pursue related responsibilities.


Please anyone with any questions directly inquire Lydia Huixian Chow and Enoch.

Thank you for your care and support. May God blessings!


Notifier: Lydia HuiXian Chow & Enoch Chow

February 19, 2020







周慧贤创办福乐及同名相关架构组织,Lydia HuiXian Chow 品牌,妮蒂雅书局,Lydia&Enoch的甜蜜家庭等一切业务,自创办开始,一直均采用成员编码制度。每一位福乐成员,福乐合作伙伴,福乐学生和,顾客和义工等一切业务相关的人士,都有周慧贤&周以诺审阅并设置发出了专属编码。周慧贤和以诺一直禁止任何人士在未获得授权下进行任何相关的业务的活动或行动。周慧贤和以诺拥有之一切产业,网站,账户等等,均由周慧贤和儿子以诺亲自处理财务,人事管理,和决策相关事务。请相关人士知晓。请每一位和周慧贤业务相关的福乐成员,福乐合作伙伴,福乐学生,顾客和义工相互知晓。在此之前,有任何人对周慧贤和以诺所作任何言论,评议和行动,并不等于是周慧贤和以诺本人意愿。周慧贤和以诺对于任何人,在未经授权,不持有我们发送的相关编码人士,所作的任何冒用名义进行的任何活动,不承担任何责任,并保留追究相关责任的权利。





公告人:周慧贤 & 周以诺