Since August 2010, God has given us visions of Fuller:  only use bible resources to teach children. God gave Lydia Chow Huixian received this vision. In May 2004,  Lydia Chow Huixian was called by God. God also called  Enoch Chow became Fuller co-worker , starting at his five years old. God leads to join Fuller partners, including Pastor Lin and Liu sister couple, PhD Zhou  and Jiang brother couple , Christian Kindergarten Headmaster Cai sister, English teacher Phoebe sister, corporate executive Wang sister, professor of automotive engineering Liu Brother, foreign trade business owner Chen brother, foreign trade manager Liu sister and so on. Every family in the Fuller Homeschool Union all follows our vision. Or God has given each family vision compatible with our vision. For example, among the member of our coalition home school, there is a vision of  family: Luke 6:14-15, who entered the world but was not belong world, and lived out of faith. Another family is Christian education. In addition, from 2008 to the present, in the past nine years, Fuller helped and taught the church leaders ' families of about 1300. 



Since October, 2008  the Fuller Home School Union ministry is to help Christian families, serve God families,missionary families, preacher families, pastor families and Church leaders families and kids, growth up in the Lord , enhance the quality of life and  to create and operate the academic system ,Learning Alpha Omega Publications’ courses. Then, use the wonderful witness to blessing more people  and blessing the whole world together for God's kingdom and the people in need.



Welcome your homeschool to join one of the homeschool in the Fuller Homeschool Union. Your family can name it yourself. For example, this family is named Fuller Homeschool Union – Conjugal Love Homeschool 

欢迎你们的家庭也来加入福乐家庭学校联盟的其中一间家庭学校。你们家可以自己命名,例如这个家庭命名为福乐家庭学校联盟 - 恩爱家庭学校。


Oct, 2010 – Jun, 2016   our store name is Fuller Bookstore.Because the site platform at that time permission, Fuller Bookstore in addition to our own website online shop, also had  Fuller Bookstore in 153 Christian Website,China eBay, China Taobao,,  and Since Jul, 2016 Currently,has the new two Lydia Chow Bookstore in our website and We offer at the best price, with top-notch service.The store sell Alpha Omega Publications materials  including Monarch, Horizons, Lifepac, Switched on Schoolhouse,Weaver, etc. Thank you for looking at our store.

2010年10月 - 2016年6月我们的店名是福乐书局。由于当时的网站平台许可,福乐书局除了我们自己的网站上的商店,福乐书局还有在153基督教网站,中国eBay,中国淘宝,拍拍店和全球速卖通。 自2016年7月以来,目前,我们的网站和面书上新增了两个妮蒂雅书局。 我们以最优惠的价格提供一流的服务,出售阿尔法欧米茄出版社的教材,包括君主在线课程,地平线课程,生命课程,时尚校舍课程,织网课程等。谢谢您光临我们的书局。


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Fuller Homeschool Union & Lydia Chow Bookstore

福乐家庭学校联盟 & 妮蒂雅书局

Washington State,United States



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